Break Bread LA


I had a chance to check out Break Bread LA this weekend located at the Think Tank galleries in Downtown LA. Their current exhibit is what they call “a whimsical – and twisted – candyland,” created by Banksy collaborator Scott Hove and artist Baker Son.

Reservations are highly recommended. However, when I went they weren’t really checking. If you want to reserve just in case, please go to their website: Admission is free during the day but they do have events; such as supper clubs, speakeasies, theatre performances, etc. This exhibit will be on going from February 13 – March 13.


First of all, I really had high expectations when I went. If you look at the picture of the pink cake, you would think that it’s an elaborate piece; wall to wall cake. It’s all an illusion. I was really sad to see that I couldn’t walk around it or even be a part of it. They use a mirror effect to make the room bigger, but in actuality you’re in a box. I’m just happy that they had 4 cakes instead of one…lol…

The day was not lost though. I was still amazed by the piece since it just looks good enough to eat! Plus, there was another thing that I wanted to check out! There’s a mirror room with a “TV” type wall that changes from rain to fire. I had fun taking pictures in that room. Of course, the pink cake and this room wasn’t all in the gallery. There were smaller pieces of cake style art and of course Banksy feel type art with an eerie ice cream truck and monster jail cell.


It took my friends and I longer to find parking and the second floor location. We were only there for 30 minutes because it was small. Just happy it was free and got cool pictures because of it. I think it’s a must see if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t drive long distances just to see it.


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