Container Yard

SEK “Contemporary Vandal”

The Container Yard stretches for more than an acre in the Arts District, and is not yet open to the public. However, it became one of the hottest venues in So Cal where artists come over to create massive murals that range from street art to fine art.

Every month or so, they have an “Open House” where the public can check out the murals inside. Subscribe to their Instagram or other Social media Outlets to find out when their next open house is happening. On April 2, 2016, I had a chance to visit the Container Yard. I was bit amazed and disappointed.

Juan Carlos Munoz “Heaven” “Rivers of Life”

The Container Yard was the former home of Mikawaya, the inventors of mochi ice cream. That’s why when you go in you will find a giant mochi freezer building and several large warehouses. The Yard presents these buildings as canvases and artists are invited to create some of the most gigantic curated art in California. (I really like how art is like a prime real estate in Los Angeles … Well, it’s kind of true when you have to be requested to put a mural on someone’s wall/Ask permission to paint on someone’s wall or it’s considered “tagging”).

Punkmetender; Repost from nothing_stars

I heard about the Container Yard because someone posted a picture on Instagram. This person went to an Open Event about 2 months ago and posted a picture of a mural by punkmetender. If you read my Wall-Hopping post, this artist is becoming one of my favorites. This mural was magnificent! It’s basically a silhouette of a person with a huge ball gown. Unfortunately, the owner of the Container Yard, Ash Chan, has no formula for choosing what stays on the walls the longest and what disappears. When I got there, I couldn’t find the mural. I was really sad that it was replaced by something else.


However, I did find other art, which I thought was amazing. See the pictures all over this post. It is said the Container Yard will eventually include some businesses and restaurants. But until then, we, the public, just have to wait till the next open house with small street vendors (food/clothing).

Note: Kids are welcome. They have a small arcade (about 4 machines) However, they are not allowed in the drinking area. Before you enter, there is a “bouncer” he checks your IDs before coming in and will give you a bracelet.


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