Alley Project

Mural by Jason Woodside

I’ve lived in the area for over half of my life and frequently drive down Beverly Blvd ever since from DTLA to Ktown. I never knew an alley ever existed. I knew there were murals located in this area and have seen some on my way on the street. However, to actually see over 25 murals in one alley!?!

I saw this mural on Instagram and fell totally over heals! And found that it was located here. The Gabba Gallery, who petitioned to do this alley, received a certificate of recognition for their contribution to the City of Los Angeles. Having lived in the area when I was little, alleys in Los Angeles is pretty shady (I guess anywhere right?) Because of the murals/street art, it made the community and are a more safer place; and less trash to boot!

I am not quite sure on the address of the alley, but you start from the Gabba Gallery on 3126 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057. This building is filled up with murals. I haven’t been inside as at the time I was only looking for the alley and I wasn’t really sure if it was opened. From here, you can park at the residential areas and walk over to the alley. Look for the arrows!

Once you’re in the alley you’d be amazed on what you see! Here are some of my favorites:


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