Feastly – Ice Cream for Dinner

Feastly is a little bit like my old post; littlemeatsLA. You eat with people you don’t know in a community setting by a known or an unknown chef. You get to know the people around you and try to make friends and enjoy the meal together. The only difference between this and littlemeatsLA is that it’s more than one place. Feastly is more of a network of people than just a small business. It has just recently expanded from San Francisco and now going to different places all over the US. Plus, it’s not only in one location but in a general area and just “pops up” either in the Arts District or Hollywood, etc.

My friend saw an article from LA Weekly and she asked me if I wanted to join her. After having a second look, I said why not? Just because the menu looked too incredible to pass up. I mean Sushi Rice and Oyster Ice Cream??? Where else can I get such weird tasting ice cream flavors?

Here is the full 8 course menu.

It’s Bring your own wine. They send you an email before hand on what types of wines to bring if you want to do a pairing with your meal. Water is provided.

The chef, Kyle Schutte, wanted to make something that brought out the child in all of us; what better way than an 8 course dinner with ice cream!

Sushi Rice, uni, nori ganache, peanut.

This was one of the things on the menu that I was most looking forward to. I was kind of sad that this was a fail and kind of set the course of the whole meal. My expectation went from high to low. For one, there was not a lot of uni and two, the sushi rice didn’t taste like sushi rice. It was the least flavorful of any of the dishes. the nori ganache tasted just like chocolate.

Oyster, dashi sand, meyer lemon sea foam

I was really glad though that the chef started with the sushi rice because everything else was amazing other than the after dinner espresso lol (see below for more details). This really tasted like oyster! I don’t know how the chef did it but this was probably one of my favorite dishes!

Roasted Peach, charred onion, tallow, peach vinegar, mustard greens

Starting from this dish and the next 2 dishes made me confused! Am I eating main entrees? or am I just eating ice cream? If you eat the ice cream separately it tastes like Roasted Peach but when add all of it together, the other flavors over empowers it so am I just eating salad? But all in all it was a flavorful dish!

Lemongrass, pork belly, fish sauce caramel, macadamia, roasted papaya emulsion.

My friend and I strongly approve of this dish. The pork belly was cooked perfectly and the lemongrass ice cream was a great compliment.

Coconut, chili oil poached beef, puffed rice, kaffir

If I just had that coconut ice cream with mango and sticky rice I would be in heaven. For some reason, I was just thinking that the whole time I was eating this ice cream. Then I ate it with the chili oil poached beef and I was like man what kind of Asian dish is this? lol. It was so good!

Brown Butter, bruleed burrata, strawberry, candied pistachios, tarragon

This was one of the ehh dish of the night. The strawberries were warm but I think I kind of preferred if it was just cut and not warmed up.

After Dinner Espresso, vanilla foamed milk, sweet thyme biscotti

I am not a big fan of coffee in general. Drinking any type of coffee gives me headaches. When you give me Espresso, I just automatically distaste the smell and push it away. I took a lick and a bite of the biscotti and just couldn’t. I gave it to my friend, but my friend also doesn’t like coffee! haha. So she took mine since I got it first and already tried some of it and she gave hers away to another couple. Unfortunately, one of the waiters thought I didn’t get one so I got another one; so I gave it to another couple next to me and they gladly took it! Man I just did that for the previously meals hahah.


For dessert, it was mint ice cream. I was never a fan of mint ice cream. I mean at work they would always serve the mint chocolate chip ice cream and I just detest that so much. The chef talked a little about how he went to Hawaii or someplace and an ice cream brought him back to his childhood. He always wanted to do ice cream and since he’s favorite flavor was mint, he wanted to make the best mint ice cream there ever was. And I concur that this mint ice cream is the best I ever tasted!

I am currently not sure if they are still doing this event on Feastly because my friend and I went to one of the last sit downs for this menu. I think if more people request it on their site, they might do more of this menu. I hope you can try it because ice cream for 8 courses is every child’s dream!


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