Ernest E. Debs Park

View of Downtown Los Angeles

This park is out in the boonies of Los Angeles. My friend took me here just before we went to checkout the Southwestern Law School. We got here at 9 am when it was fairly quiet. But then again not a lot of people know about this place. My friend lived in LA for most of her life and have passed it several times but never went to it until a couple weeks ago; she and her boyfriend wanted to catch Pokemon.

This park is fairly small and have several trails. It’s an easy “hike” towards the top. Once you get into the parking lot there’s a paved road that winds up to the highest point of the park and a pond/watering hole. At the highest point, you can see magnificent views of Downtown LA (if the skies are clear) and the surrounding area (mainly Highland Park). We spent about 1 hour here just to check it out.


Depending how fit you are, it’s an “easy” hike towards the top. It’s a sharp incline starting from the parking lot and it takes about 10-15 minutes. The path is somewhat shaded but it is mostly open; so wear a lot of sunblock.

On the way to the top, you may see a lot of white snails with black stripes. It’s kind of amazing! I’ve never seen so many of them before in my life!

At pond, there are a lot of benches to take in the view and chill. I’m really not sure where the water comes from. There are turtles, ducks, and craw fish in the pond. There are fishes too. I saw a family fishing there for fun but I wouldn’t trust any fishes found here; hopefully they catch it and let it go back.

Pond/Watering Hole

This park is some place I would recommend you visit if you’re trying to find something new in Los Angeles. It’s not overly crowded like some other parks.

The park is located at the 4235 Monterey Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90032. There’s a gate on Monterey Road that leads to the main parking lot.

POKEMON GO: So if you’re like me and probably part of the 15 million people who downloaded Pokemon Go in the past month or so; this place isn’t really a hot spot. Since a lot people don’t know about this place, you can find basic Pokemon like ekans, nidorans, zubats, sandshrew, etc. However, you can put in some KMs and probably hatch some eggs!


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