San Francisco Day 1

Oakland Bay Bridge from Rincon Park

Oakland Bay Bridge from Rincon Park

I tend to go to SF in the morning from Los Angeles; whether driving or by plane. I usually get there around lunch time if I’m lucky. Since I’ve been there many times, I try to see new things which I will post about in a later blog. The below itinerary is mainly for first time visitors.

First stop, Ferry Building/Embarcadero. This place houses several markets and restaurants. Some of which are pretty good if your hungry. Take a stroll near the water and you can see the Oakland Bay Bridge from here. A couple of blocks away there is also Rincon Park. This park has a large sculpture of a Bow and Arrow known as “Cupid’s Span.”

One of the Hearts in Union Square

One of the Hearts in Union Square

Take a walk or bus to Union Square via California St. While passing by, you’ll see the financial district. You can shop till you drop!  The corners of Union Square has the hearts of San Francisco that changes every season (I think … It always some different design every time I go there).

Shopping doesn’t tickle your fancy? This place is close to SF’s Chinatown! Check out the stores have some dumplings. Also, check out where the Chinese Fortune Cookies are made at Golden Gate Fortune Cookies. From here you can take the trolley up to Lombard St. (Make sure you take the Powell-Hyde line). I’ve never really like San Francisco hills. They’re really steep! I prefer driving or taking the trolley. I prefer trolley more though just because driving on those hills aren’t as great either.

View of Lombard St. from Coit Tower

View of Lombard St. from Coit Tower

At Lombard street you have a view of almost every thing in SF if there’s no fog. Across the way, you can see Coit Tower. (You may want to go there, it’s not in this itinerary tho). I would recommend going down on Lombard Street just to get the bottom to up view of the winding street.

Keep going down on Lombard till Mason to get on the Powell – Mason Trolley to go to Fisherman’s Wharf. From here I would check out Pier 39 then have a walk to Ghirardelli Square for some of their chocolate.

End of Day 1.


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