San Francisco Checklist

View of San Francisco from Treasure Island

View of San Francisco from Treasure Island

I have been to San Francisco (SF) so many times that I have a checklist of things I want to see. Some are not even in the city, but in the vicinity. I will check all the things I have done and list the ones I have yet to see. I will also update the list as time goes on. I hope this will help others who have or have not been to SF before.

  • Like Los Angeles, the Golden Gate Bridge is almost like the Hollywood Sign. Here are all the view points you can take a pic of this famous bridge:
    • ✔️ Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center & Vista Point – a popular place with the tourist. There is a designated payment parking at the Welcome Center. You can walk around the center, to the bridge, and/or to the Battery Trail to get a close up of the bridge. If you’re on the other side, there is an equivalent and that is the Vista Point. I believe it’s the first exit once you cross over the bridge.
    • ✔️ Battery Spencer – I have to say that Battery Spencer is the best view I have ever seen of the bridge. You get a bird’s view angle and it feels like you’re on top of it. There is limited parking and a short walk.
    • Kirby Cove

      Kirby Cove

      ✔️ Kirby Cove – Currently the new hot spot with Instagrammers. Parking is at Battery Spencer. It is a hike unless you have camping reservations a Kirby Cove; in which you can drive down. Otherwise, it is gated and you need a key.

    • Fort Point – This is almost under the bridge. If you really would like to be in the water, you can go on a boat!
    • Point Bonita Lighthouse
    • Marshall’s Beach
    • Baker Beach
    • Lands End
  • A city is not a city without it’s skyscrapers. SF has a unique view with it’s Transamerica Pyramid building and you can see it from many areas in SF. Some of which are the following:
    • ✔️ Treasure Island
    • Ina Coolbirth Park
    • Twin Peaks Summit
    • Mount Davidson
  • The must see landmarks of San Francisco for first timers:
    • ✔️ Palace of the Fine Arts
    • ✔️ Lombard St. – This street is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairspin turns and it’s most known to be SF’s most crookedest street. I never really drove through here because there is always a line. Plus, it’s flooded with tourist.
    • ✔️ Coit Tower – I’ve only been here once because I loved watching the show Full House. I’m always reminded of that episode where Comet (the dog) gets lost and I think they found him here with his lady friend. lol.
    • ✔️ Painted Ladies – Mostly famous for the AT&T commercials and Full House, these are the multi painted Victorian Houses in SF.
    • Sea Lions

      Sea Lions

      ✔️ Fisherman’s Wharf – Pier 39. Also, where you can see the sea lions sleeping.

    • ✔️ Ghirardelli Square – chocolate that’s made in the US. What’s better than having chocolate made in SF.
    • ✔️ Chinatown – Has the largest Chinese community outside of Asia.
    • ✔️ Ferry Building/Embarcadero
    • ✔️ Union Square
      • Instagram worthy
        • ✔️ LOVE sign in courtyard in between the Apple Store and the  Grand Hyatt Hotel
        • ✔️ The four hearts in each corner of Union Square
        • ✔️ The rainbow stairs located in Uniqlo
    • Alcatraz
  • Other
    • ✔️ Bay Bridge – You just have to. Esp at night when its all LIT.
    • Bonus: This is at Mr. Holmes Bakeshop. Home of the Cruffins

      Bonus: This is at Mr. Holmes Bakeshop. Home of the Cruffins

      ✔️ 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

    • ✔️ Persidio
      • The Walt Disney Family Museum
      • Lover’s Lane
      • Lyon Street Steps
    • Golden Gate Park:
      • ✔️ Japanese Tea Garden
      • Stow Lake
      • California Academy of Sciences
      • de Young Museum
      • Conservatory of Flower
      • Dutch Windmill
    • ✔️ Japantown
    • ✔️ Billy Goat Hill
    • ✔️ Castro District
    • ✔️ Mission District – This district is very up and coming in SF. Lots of good food. Also, has an alley that is dedicated to “art;” called Clarion Alley.
    • Berwick Place
    • Lincoln Park Steps
    • Legion of Honor
    • The Full House house – unfortunately one of the Painted Ladies are not the Full House house. Also, the house is in a different color now.
    • Who say's you can't have fun in SF in the rain? (City Hall)

      Who say’s you can’t have fun in SF in the rain? (City Hall)

      City Hall – I have seen the outside and I heard and have seen pictures of the inside and it’s just magnificent!

    • Palace Hotel
    • ✔️ SF MOMA
    • ✔️ San Francisco Marriott Marquis – SF is not really known to have a skyscraper in which you can go up to the tallest building and check out the scenery. There are actually two hotels that do offer this though and one is the Marriott on Mission Street; in which you can check out the view lounge. The other is the Westin St. Francis Hotel Glass Elevator which was free, but now you would need to be a hotel guest to use.
    • Sutro Baths
    • One Sansome
    • Exploratorium

To make it easier for you and me, I have added all of the above to this map!


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  1. Hey they said Japantown is like sprawled all over the place. While we did not venture to look for towns this tme round. Is there any really specific place where Japantown can be considered as – ok we’ve been here?

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