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Thank you in advance for coming to my site. My name is Crystal H. and I’m a born and raised Angeleno. I like exploring new and old cities. I try to pretend to be a lost angel when I can. I also like to guide/inform others about my travels and any city. Please check out the below posts and above links for further access throughout this site. I hope to be a resource to you when you explore LA or other cities mentioned here. All the pictures you see on this site are taken by me through my iPhone 6 or my Nikon D3300. If the pictures are of me, then the pictures are either taken by my family or close friends “) 


P.s. Disclaimer: You will see that some pictures or content on this site are properly credited and linked to certain websites/persons. If you see that some of the pictures are not properly credited, please inform me by contacting me at ifmapscouldtalk@gmail.com. I am also not sponsored by any brand, people, or businesses.

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