Bucket List

Milan, Italy. Waiting to look at Leonardo da Vinci’s the Last Supper

I’m REALLY NEW to this whole solo traveling thing. I’ve solo traveled before (for work) and to Disney World, but never to anywhere that requires translators or being “ALONE.” ALONE meaning making decisions by myself, sleeping somewhere in a foreign country, and not knowing anyone (Doesn’t that freak you out!?!). Disney World just ease me into it but that’s just Disney World.

My problem is usually: I want to do all these things but don’t have someone to go with or when should I go? Do I have spend that much money, I could totally split the costs with my friend(s)? I want to try everything (food) but I only have one stomach!?! Having a “mid-quarter life crisis” in my late 20s, I realized that I don’t think I’ve done everything I want to do with my life. Of course, I figured out that I can’t do everything in my lifetime but I could try! Plus, life is full of trials and tribulations and I’m still figuring out who I am as a person even though I’m already 30. Having said that, there are still more things I need to learn about the world, about my life, and about other people. I’m ready to take on that challenge!

I have a lists of things in my head; thought I should write it all down. I figured what better than to write it out here. Maybe you’d get some ideas too! Also, it’ll probably give me the courage to branch out on my own. I mean you don’t have to wait for someone your entire life, you can always do it yourself to get the job done!

United States:

  • Venice, Italy. Riding a gondola through the Venice Canals

    2 week/more Road Trip: I don’t count 4 hour drives to Las Vegas or 7 hour drive to San Francisco road trips. I mean you’re in a car for most of the time but it’s more of a form of transport. I really mean a “Road Trip!” Yes, I’m an Asian-American, who never experience one! My friends and I keep talking about taking one but never really planned anything out. I mean how cool would it be to just drive to one destination to the next and checking out the weird museums on the side of the road? (When: Anytime)

  • Bungee jump at the Bridge of Nowhere: I wish there was a shuttle that takes you to the Bridge but I heard that the 10 mile hike round trip is part of the experience lol. If not here, I’ll bungee jump anywhere! lol (When: Anytime)
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Festival: I’m so sad that I didn’t go the last time with my friend when she went last year, but I doubt she wanted to ride a hot air balloon with me. What better way then the be a hot air balloon festival than be in a hot air balloon? (When: October)
  • Clambake in Maine/East Coast: I probably could do my own in Los Angeles, but how cool would it be to experience it on a beach with other people in an old fashion clambake. Plus, the Lobster and other types of seafood must be really good over there? (When: Anytime)
  • Seeing Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights): I heard that the Northern Lights are fading and/or moving more north. Being from California, the coldest I’ve been was in Seattle and I got sick! I was only there for 4 days. Because of the movement, it might be harder for people to check it out so as long as I go soon, maybe it won’t be a problem (When: Anytime).

Around the World:

Tokyo, Japan. Walking Across Shibuya Crossing (lost count)

  • Celebrating Holi in India: Also known as the Festival of Colors. It’s probably totally different than the color run but I’d totally do this just to throw dye at everyone and getting colored dye all over. Looking at snapchats of the last Holi looked amazing! (When: March).
  • Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand: I just want to get Tangled all up in that grill. lol…Watching movies like Tangled is a bad influence. I haven’t even tried the Rise Festival in Vegas; but I don’t think it’s the same. (When: November)
  • Skydiving in Dubai: I watch this Korean Variety Show (Running Man) and it looked totally sick! They also slept in the desert lol. Kind of sad I have to lose weight since there’s a weight limit…I don’t get how the BMI has anything to do with it (When: Anytime)
  • Celebrating Carnaval in Rio De Janiero, Brazil: I haven’t been to New Orleans, but why not celebrate Fat Tuesday for a whole week than just one day? I know Brazilians like to party! Can’t wait to see what they do for the Olympics. (When: February/March).
  • Climbing Machu Picchu: Seeing pictures from everybody who went looked amazing but a bit tiring lol. It’s practically the same view! But I totally would want to do the hike and experience everything. (When: Anytime)
  • Cage Diving in Cape Town, South Africa: Swimming with great white sharks isn’t my form of vacation, but I’d totally do it for the thrill. (When: Anytime)
  • Seoul, South Korea. Gangnam Visitor Center. Being part of a KPOP Group…lol

    Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain: Hmm..not sure about this one, but seems cool! Maybe I’d just check it out from the balcony? But then while I’m in Spain, might as well do it. (When: July).

  • Celebrating La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain: I like throwing stuff lol. (When: last Wednesday in August)
  • Go Zorbing in New Zealand: I saw this when Real World or Road Rules was out! They totally did this New Zealand and I was like heck yeah! I want to do that too. (When: Anytime).
  • Eating Crazy Things: I’d at least want to try everything once! Haven’t done live Octopus, Crickets, Spiders, Scorpions, etc. It’s a bit daunting but if it’s popular in that certain county, I’d try it! (When: Anytime)
  • Celebrating New Years in Another Country: Although it’s just one night. I would want to experience this somewhere that is not LA. I mean LA doesn’t really do much except for the countdown in Grand Park. Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, and/or New York are my top choices! (When: Dec 31st)

After typing all this out (well, the shorter version of my bucket list), I should probably start figuring out my next destination based on how old I am. I can’t go sky diving when I’m 50! or can I?

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