A few things first. I just want to explain myself,  the itineraries and my thought process. In case that you would be reading the itineraries and be like “This is too fast pace for me or where do I eat?”

When I travel, I like to see things in a short period of time (bad habit I know but it’s mostly because I have a “9 to 5” job and get only 2 weeks max vacation. So of course I would like to see everything in the time I have). The places mentioned and the things recommended can be modified based on how you travel. My itinerary can be fast paced for people, but really good for people who don’t have a lot of time but want to see EVERYTHING. I have been to all these places before and have modified the itineraries based on what I think would have worked best and if and how I would do it again if I go back. I would totally LOVE it if I can just take my time and take it all in. I do in some cases, but usually it’s when I don’t plan anything and get LOST and that’s usually at the end of my trip HA.

In addition, I am not what you call a “foodie.” I LOVE food and it’s a staple in my living diet, but when I travel, I don’t research the places I want to eat unless someone REALLY recommends me going there. OK, sometimes I do dabble on finding places to eat, but work it into my schedule. However, I do tend to eat where ever I am at that time. It’s easier that way. Having to deal with going to a restaurant where I want to go that’s 30 min away and one that I can just walk into, well, you get the picture. Plus, usually it’s a hit or miss. I can only recommend if it’s worth going, if it’s not, then it’s not worth mentioning. I’m usually happy if I get the food that I want to taste (I usually have a list…but does it matter which restaurant I get it from? NO). When you look at the itinerary, you may not see as many recommended food places, I probably just put eat at this time or something.

My other pet peeves is shopping. I don’t go to other countries to shop, but I always get souvenirs for people when I go back. OK, I shop along the way sometimes but only if things catch my eye.

Below is a list of itineraries:

Los Angeles I'm Yours

Los Angeles

Washington DC


San Francisco