My friend asked me if I wanted to do such an event at littlemeatsLA. She was raving about the last time she went with her cousin and thought she would bring me and another friend along with her to try another chef’s dishes.

What is littlemeatsLA? They bring people together with food. They provide passionate chefs a platform to “kick ass” at what they love to do.

My friend signed us up for one of the Sundays. When you confirm, you get a personal email from of the organizers giving you directions on what to do next. They ask that they provide a CC# for temporary charge to reserve your spot and guests. This temporary charge can be used toward the suggested donation once you check in on that Sunday. Usually, the suggested donation is $25. However, when we went it was $40 because it was DJ Park’s (the Chef’s) birthday.

Seating is first come first serve and it BYO Alcoholic Beverage. Water and Soda is provided.

I never really experienced something like this before but it was very interesting and satisfying. Having not known what the menu or atmosphere was like kept me curious and the edge on my seat the whole night.

Being an introvert, it was kind of weird experience since I was a bit forced to talk to the people around me; but they were really nice and I made a good conversation with some of them during the dinner. But, of course, most people just tend to the group they’re with. Also, I’ve never been at a table with so many people taking pictures of the food!

For that night supper, Chef DJ makes dishes out of the ingredients he hated growing up. The below menu was served and respected ingredient that was hated.

Crab Toast

1. Crab. Dish: Crab Toast. How can you hate crab growing up? I understand the being lazy opening a crab part but once I got older, I got that on lock. lol.

Mushroom Donut

2. Mushrooms and Avocado. Dish: Mushroom Donuts with Avocado Cream. This was my least favorite dish of the night. The donuts kind of tasted like chicken but the mushroom dust? didn’t compliment my taste buds.

Milk and Cereal

3. Vegetables. Dish: Roasted Vegetables with Umami Cream. This was my favorite course of the night called “milk and cereal.” Of course not literal but the take on various vegetables and umami cream just put me over.

Baked Wrapped Cutlassfish and Pasta

4. Fish & Offal. Dish: Bacon Wrapped Cutlassfish topped with Foie Gras & Chimichurri Sauce served with Egg Yolk Cactus Pasta. I really liked the fish but the Pasta was a bit warm.

Beer Fondue

5. Beer and Pretzels. Dish: Beer Fondue served with Pretzel Bread and Apple Pear. I can see why he doesn’t like Beer and Pretzels since I never really liked beer and/or pretzels. But after eating this, I’ve converted.

Milk Tea Ice Cream Popsicle

6. Tea. Dish: Milk Tea Ice Cream Popsicle covered with Chocolate Pie Crust topped with Toasted Meringue. Can I like have some more of this? 😆 I like milk tea and I like ice cream BUT I love milk tea ice cream. DJ Park blew this out of the ballpark (sorry, bad pun) 😅. Definitely took dessert to a new level. Kept wondering what boba would taste like with it though lol

If you get a chance, you should check out this little Sunday Supper.

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