The Sunken City

Sunken City

Talk about a sense of adventure! I wouldn’t have done this if everybody hasn’t done it; just because of the “no trespassing” signs. I’m not the type of person who would break laws. If I did something wrong, my consciousness would haunt me for days. I have such bad luck, that if I did do something that break some kind of law, I would get reprimanded for it. (I.e. Making right turn and a u turn in a no left turn road at Primm and getting pulled over by a cop 😒)

Anyways… I’ve been reading reviews of this place and how people just stroll on in without getting caught. So of course, I had to go! If they were actually restricting people and giving fines, I’d be like “No Way!” But it doesn’t seem like the city cares (wait until someone actually falls off a cliff or dies. That’s when the city usually cares and that idiot just ruined it for everybody else – don’t say you weren’t thinking about it too). But I did see helicopters roaming every 30 minutes to an hour or so. They’re not like the Hollywood Sign helicopters where they tell you not to trespass. But I’m not sure if they were police helicopters though.

The story goes that a landslide happened years ago and brought down the roads and houses on top of it. It was gated off and people just started coming in and tagging. The roads are still there, but not much of house parts.

The way in and out

How to get there? The sunken city is located at 500 W Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, CA, 90731. You will end up at Point Fermin Park. Park wherever you like, watch out for the signs; but most likely you won’t come at those hours (I believe 10 pm to 6 am? Not sure) The closest parking is the end of the road to your left; where there’s a gate.

This gate is the entrance to the sunken city but it’s locked. When my friend and I was about to leave, a guy who looks like he worked with the city went through it. He had a yellow construction hard hat and was wearing the yellow orange vest. I thought we were done for! But people were still coming in. He had a clip board and pen, we guessed that he might just be surveying the land.

The way in and out is basically you have to climb over the stone fence and under the gated fence near the “cliff.” I don’t recommend going around the gated fence (are you nuts!?!) Once you’re in, cross the open field till you see this big opening; hello sunken city!


Then pretty much you’re set and start exploring! I would say, wear hiking/tennis shoes. Don’t wear flips flops or sandals. There’s a lot of broken glass, you might get cut. Watch your step and don’t litter! Take lots of pictures!!!

When my friend and I went, there were a handful of people there and even a guy playing the trumpet. People were tagging something new and others just hanging out, enjoying the view. It’s something to see in San Pedro and it’s very interesting! I got lots of good pictures. It was a bit nerve wracking, but life is full of risk and full of adventure!

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